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Mountain Modish’s proven design process.

Mountain Modish has a diverse offering of services that can be implemented within any project. Julie of Mountain Modish is able to analyze your needs and requests to determine the best possible solution. Dependability, honesty, and attention to detail are qualities that create Mountain Modish.

Review Julie’s design process to start envisioning your next project.

The initial design consultation is where you are communicating and demonstrating your vision and design requests for the space. This meeting is all about you and your ideas.  Julie will be assessing your needs and requests to formulate cohesive thoughts to create an overall design concept.

The following meeting, often held at the residence, will be a time to discuss the final outcome, timelines, priorities, inspirations, and a preliminary budget.  By defining these areas, it will formulate a more refined design concept for the space.

After the concepts have been defined and refined, Julie will deliver a contract and a design concept in the form of media presentation boards and tear sheets. The design concept will go through a revision stage until a final design is formulated.

The execution and implementation of the creation is the final step in the design process.  Julie will start working on implementing your chosen design concept and transform it into something new that represents your initial visions and requests.

Mountain Modish

The Mountain Modish Standard.

Below are a compilation of design concept boards that Julie of Mountain Modish provides to bring your vision to life.

home design portfolio durango co
contemporary home design in durango co
durango mountain modish rustic home design

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