Seasonal Decorating

seasonal decorating
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Seasonal Decorating

Each season comes with its own holidays and its own appropriate decor. Winter often calls for tinsel and wreaths while spring calls for bouquets of flowers and the welcoming of the end of winter.

Yet life becomes to busy to decorate for the season. Your home deserves the opportunity to celebrate each new season and holiday. Julie of Mountain Modish would love to take your home and turn it into a sign of the season. Contact Julie for seasonal decorating.  Even if you’re not in town, Julie will decorate your house so that it welcomes you when you return.

Mountain Modish

Professionally styled decoration done for you.

Holidays are often the busiest time of the year. Instead of carving out time in your busy schedule for seasonal decorating, contact Julie to decorate your space for you.

This can be one of the most extravagant holidays where the whole family comes over. Have Julie decorate your home for the winter holidays!

Spring cleaning and spring decorating go hand in hand. Say goodbye to the cold of winter and give your home a makeover to welcome spring.

Spending the holidays at your second residence? Julie will decorate your home so that it’s ready to welcome you as soon as you step in the door, giving you more time to enjoy the holidays!

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